Medical claims reviewers spends an exorbitant amount of time and money handling disconnected source data to make analytical decisions.

What if there was a way to streamline the process and enable your team to use their time more productively?





Meet Cogno-Solve: A universal platform for automating claim review and adjudication.


Cogno-Solve is a comprehensive software platform built on the latest OCR, business logic, and data storage technologies. The system recognizes the writing from medical and legal claim files, verifies the data, and generates a claim decision based on custom business rules. 

Our clients have already seen up to 30% increases in efficiency using Cogno-Solve. What can Cogno-Solve do for your business?


For over 20 years, FHAS has been a leading provider of healthcare reimbursement analysis and administrative support services to government and commercial sectors.  Whether it’s Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare, commercial carriers, or TPAs, our reimbursement experts get proven results for clients.


We know the pitfalls associated with claims reviews; the issues preventing providers and suppliers from getting claims paid. Mostly importantly: we know the administrative inefficiencies associated with reimbursement and the high costs to your business.


As a result, we created Cogno-Solve.


Cogno-Solve incorporates four essential

processing blocks to provide a simplified and clear architecture. 

01 /

The Cogno-Solve Recognition Engine retrieves, analyzes, and verifies data from multiple sources including scanned documents and images.

02 /

The Cogno-Solve Organization Engine provides case management, automated workflows, and reporting services by automatically collecting, organizing, and standardizing all case data.

03 /

The Cogno-Solve Rules Engine combines case data with medical, legal, and business requirements to generate decisions, summaries, and provide auto-adjudication services.

04 /

The Cogno-Solve’s Database stores all case history, outcomes, and necessary data to make determinations and learn from them.



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